In 1939, the business was started. Beginning with a small mechanical work shop, located where SACMA now stands. The company’s founder, Mr. Valerio Rampezzotti, Engineer, dedicated his work to the production of outboard engines for military use and automatic lathes.

Structure, Sacma, 1939, Valerio Rampezzotti


In 1961, the inheritance was taken by his son Giancarlo, current President, with clear objectives: company efficiency, machine reliability, and creation of a Made in Italy excellence, to be offered to international markets.

Structure, Sacma, 1961, efficiency, excellence, company efficiency, machine reliability


The 1970s new projects and machines were developed with great success. This was also the decisive phase in which the current company was launched and penetrated overseas markets.

Structure, Sacma, 1970, projects, machines, success

As witness of our continued success in the field, SACMA designs and builds machines in a manufacturing facility that the industry considers to be the most modern and best equipped in the world. At a time when many of our competitors are relocating their production to lowcost countries, we, in order to guarantee our undisputed quality, are expanding our manufacturing facilities in the “Italian Fastener Valley”. The mechanical component production is concentrated in two plants, SACMA and OBM, whilst the INGRAMATIC plant is dedicated to the production of threadrollers.

Structure, Sacma, now, machines, success, manufacturing, industry, Italian Fastener Valley, Ingramatic, OBM