INGRAMATIC is a company with many years of experience in the production of machines for the thread rolling of screws and bolts. It started business in 1966 and has since then produced and distributed over 3500 thread rolling machines worldwide becoming a market leader not only in Italy but around the World. INGRAMATIC has been part of the SACMA Group since 2004 creating a unique technical, productive and commercial alliance.

The INGRAMATIC Thread Rollers and products complement the SACMA production range and can be used along with progressive headers for the thread rolling of high strength screws, bolts and special fasteners. All the mechanical components for the threaders are manufactured at INGRAMATIC and at the SACMA plants in Limbiate and Vimercate, home to OBM, another company within the group. The assembly, testing, warehouse and technical departments are all completed at the Castelnuovo Scrivia plant.

Offering a wide range of thread rolling machines from M1 to M36 suitable for miniature, small or large components for the automotive, aerospace, building and general industries, INGRAMATIC products represent unrivalled reliability, productivity, safety and innovation. INGRAMATIC does not just manufacture machines, it offers complete production systems.

INGRAMATIC has used its experience to expand the standard machine versatility with washer assembly units, pointing units, warm forming package, headless screws feeding and special customization available upon request. To complete the system, automatic feeders for blanks and washers, load monitoring and rejection control devices are also available. The fantastic robustness and rigidity of the machines are also mixed with the latest technologies available today as the linear motors and the servomotors to drive the starter units and the motorization of the die match adjustment. Due to the modular design of the machine these items are easily integrated with INGRAMATIC thread rolling machines.

With the Teaser INGRAMATIC, we would like to give you a clear picture of what are the Winning Technologies® making INGRAMATIC so famous and successful in the world.




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