The KSP is back, Sacma is introducing the new combined header model KSP12-R to run fasteners that range from M3 to M8 with a maximum shaft length of 60 mm. The machine is a double blow header with an integrated threading station, representing the new generation of the worldwide known KSP11-R designed and manufactured in 1985. The KSP11-R has been sold around the world in making its unique design well known mass production of fasteners. Sacma is re-introducing in the product line the 1D2B combined header to face an increasing request of small and self-tapping screws widely used in different industry fields.

The KSP12-R combines typical SACMA solutions, proven by thousands of machines, with the most advanced mechatronic technology available in the market.

The one-piece main frame, perlitic cast iron, normalized, natural aged for at least 12 months, high precision machined, is a guarantee of rigidity and stability for all machine life. In addition Sacma R&D improved the machine with new features :

+ Motorized wire feeder S-Feed
+ Motorized DKO adjustment
+ Motorized wire stop adjustment
+ Motorized guide rolls
+ I-Thread Electronic starter
+ Electronic Handwheel
+ Industry 4.0 App. for supervision
+ Soundproof enclosure new design
+ High precision slide guides
+ Extended product range : V and WF versions available
+ Rejection flaps for N.C. parts
+ Scraps selection for self-tapping screws
+ Micro Lubricated heading tools
+ New multi positioning HMI

All these features make the KSP12-R the best value for the Customer’s investment, especially when running parts traditionally by a line of connected machines. This ALL-IN-ONE high productivity process allows to quickly return the customers investment. These legendary long life SACMA machines guarantees future profits.

1D2B COMBINED HEADER model KSP11-R year 2022:

1D2B COMBINED HEADER model KSP12-R year 1985 :

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