Following the success of S-Feed , the wire feeder with servomotor, first mechatronic application of Sacma Group, the new S-Transfer is now ready and available for the 6 die progressive headers from size 4 to size 6.

The mechanical transfer Sacma is appreciated for precision, versability and reliability. His unique design, together with quality of materials and precise construction, allows to transport the widest range of parts, from shorter to longer ones, at high speed and assuring a constant performance over the years, with minor maintenance costs.

The S-transfer is combining all those features with new important functions, improving production efficiency and ease of use . After long time testing by R&D and industrial production too, Sacma can guarantee for the S-Transfer the same reliability of the traditional version, combined with the flexibility and friendly use typical of mechatronic applications.
The S-transfer is the natural evolution of a masterpiece that has become a worldwide benchmark for the multi station headers.

About the user friendly predisposition of S-Transfert : just through the SC Matic control panel the operator is able to set individual opening and closing time and speed, clamping force, lateral motion timing, optimizing the transport conditions for any part shape and making the machine able to run the production at the highest possible speed.

Below the main pluses of this new milestone product of Sacma Winning Technologies®.

1) Reduction of change-over time. The setup of the transfer is done by loading the product code from the operator panel. Savings of about 20 minutes.
2) Easy and user-friendly of the set-up operations for new product, without manual intervention. The opening and closing angles of the fingers are set from the touch screen panel.
3) Versatility with all the opening and closing cams (normal, fast and ultra-fast) available in the program menu.
4) Supervision of part presence in the finger. Same function of SC800 option of mechanical transfer
5) Higher flexibility with the independent opening function of all the fingers included in the S-transfer, which replace the option of pneumatic system to open the fingers in the mechanical transfer
6) Safety thanks to the regenerative drive used for the flywheel; there are no problems of damage in case of black out.
7) The closing force of each pair of fingers is individually adjustable from the operator panel, replacing the traditional pneumatic system, where the closing force is the same for all the fingers.
8) Timing of the transversal movement defined from the touch screen panel, without any manual intervention to be done.
9) The stability and durability is also ensured by a chiller, keeping the temperature of the linear motors in optimal conditions.

All transfer settings are stored in the PLC and applied automatically when producing the same part in the future. The advantage of a perfect repeatability and quick set up makes the transfer very easy and intuitive to be used by the new generation of technicians.

The S-Transfer is also the result of the synergy with Ingramatic experience in the application of servomotors for different functions; this shared experience reduces the ‘time to market’ of the new projects while ensuring product’s reliability from the day one.

The S-transfer is initially available on 6 dies part formers model SP59, SP570 and SP570WF900.

Please contatc us for more information.

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