SACMA GROUP supplies avantguard equipment that is productive efficient and reliable, to produce special formed parts, special fasteners and all types of bolts and screws used in the different industrial sectors. End users highly appreciate SACMA and INGRAMATIC machines and consider them to be well designed, well manufactured, powerful, suitable for making special or standard parts, flexible for making long or short parts, fast and reliable whilst generating low cost production.


Since 1939, SACMA Limbiate SpA has provided high quality forming machinery to every part of the world.  SACMA Limbiate manufactures and assembles the most reliable cold and warm formers and provides more new machines per year than any other premium manufacturer. 

SACMA formers from SP160 to SP670 are available in several models up to 33mm diameter cutoff capacity and feature the most advanced controls and systems for forming net and near net shapes with consistent and repeatable tolerances up to 350ppm.  Some of the unique features include:

·       One piece cast bed frames and heading slides with forged crankshafts for maximum rigidity and stability for the tooling and machine components gives precise part forming and reduced maintenance cost.

·       The SACMA Desmodrive transfer design is the most reliable, accurate and lowest maintenance cost transfer available.  The transfer provides the greatest flexibility of any design, allowing the users the ability to form a wide range of part shapes and the ability to actually form nut and bolt shapes on the same machine.  There are no springs or liners in the transfer system, eliminating the maintenance and cost associated with other transfers.

·       The computerized S-Feed Electronic feeding system provides the operator the most accurate and precise cutoff volume control. There are no springs, levers, clutches, bushing or pins that can wear causing gradual loss of feeding precision and the maintenance required for other systems.

·       A full range of options are available including the Electronic Handwheel jog control that provides precise slow motion control of the machine movement for obtaining extremely accurate setups for closer part tolerances and reduced setup times.  The machine position can be instantly adjusted either forward or backward, reducing the setup time.


One-shot process from wire to finished parts ! In addition to its Progressive Header models, SACMA also offers Combined Headers that forms, cuts the point and rolls the thread to make a complete fastener on the same machine, eliminating the extra handling and cost of separate operations. The models from SP18 to SP59 are available in several configurations to provide the most flexibility for threaded fastener production from M4 to M24.

This technology is the more effective solution for high productivity requirements by utilizing seamless workflow for the heading, pointing and threading of standard and special fasteners.  It provides a complete control to assure quality and to minimize manpower for the highest production efficiency. The process costs are significantly reduced by requiring less floor space and lower energy consumption and by reducing the internal material handling. A complete headed, pointed and threaded fastener is made on every machine stroke up to 350ppm.


For special materials, SACMA offers the only production proven, fully integrated Warm Former available for the high efficiency production of high tensile strength materials like those used in aerospace and high temperature applications. Combining the state of the art controls and automatic support systems with the advanced induction heating units heats the wire to the center to give very precise control of the material deformation for forming consistent near net part shapes with repeatable tolerances.

SACMA also extends the product line by introducing the new 6die combined headers models SP59 and SP59-C ,24 mm wire cut off, DKO 180 and 110 mm, meeting the demand of automotive industry to produce ever more complicate threaded parts. 


 INGRAMATIC SpA, a division of the SACMA GROUP, offers a full range of flat die Thread Rollers (RP020-W000/TR00 though RP920-W70/TR9) that are recognized throughout the world for their precision, advanced features and capabilities along with the legendary reliability of all SACMA products.

The I-Thread line features the strongest bedframe designs, drive units with high-precision planetary gearbox and clutch/brake systems to give the highest possible torque and stability for rolling all types of materials and tensile strengths.  Combining this with the single starter system with torque motor control on the size W20/TR4 and smaller or the double starter system with servo motor systems on the larger models, provides very precise feed control for accurate and consistent part starting and close, repeatable part tolerances at the maximum possible production speeds, even when rolling parts after heat treatment.  Users are reporting significant die life increases due to the precision and stability of their INGRAMATIC Thread Rollers.

The I-Thread line is very easy and quick to setup through the touch screen controls, motorized adjustments like the die match and the electronic handwheel controller allowing lesser experienced operators to quickly become proficient in running quality production.   

All I-Thread models are available to have one or two integrated Washer Assembly Systems that feature quick changeovers and control from the touch screen.  The Washer Assembly Systems are motorized for height control and for bypassing when running parts without washers. A vision controlled Stud Feeding System is also available for obtaining maximum production rates for rolling headless studs.

Even INGRAMATIC extends its product line with the smallest threader inspired by the I-Thread concept, the model RP020 for the high-speed production of very precise miniature screws. The machine is equipped with the latest technologies available as an innovative tool holder, an introduction system driven by a torque motor and a slide running on linear guides (with ball circulation skates) in order to ensure high accuracy for rolling operation. The machine is equipped with the same advanced functions of the I-Thread machines, like the self-learning adjustments of the starter unit, the frame made of spheroidal cast iron and the SC-Matic interface for the fully motorized adjustments.

The design and features of the I-Thread line give definitively to the customers the capacity to run the widest range of parts for a given die size at the highest possible production speeds, efficiencies and die life.  The machines are simple to setup and operate but are designed to provide many years of high quality production with the lowest possible production cost. 


The Modular concept generated by SACMA and INGRAMATIC works perfectly thanks to the fact that all components are manufactured by the SACMA GROUP factories on the latest CNC tools, giving complete control of the quality and fit to give many years of reliable production.  The unique manufacturing and inventory divisions assure spare parts availability if ever needed.  Full service and spare parts are furnished from the SACMA technical centers around the world. 

To support all its customers, SACMA GROUP, has developed worldwide efficient service centers able to supply any spare part in a very short time to keep customer machines running and making parts. The technical centers are located in United States, Brazil, China, Russia, Turkey, and Eastern Europe. In Germany, there are not less than 12 technicians and engineers dedicated to the SACMA and INGRAMATIC machines with its Thiel Maschinen partner. This outstanding service is possible because the SACMA factories provide all the mechanical components on time and maintain a stock of spare parts always available for whatever the customer needs. SACMA point out that all the spare parts for both brands are available within 24 hours.

Most recently, SACMA GROUP invested in a brand new facility for its technical center Asia in China at Wuxi. This building will allow SACMA GROUP to support better its customers demanding more and more SACMA and INGRAMATIC machines in Asia where the support is truly appreciated to train people and to help in their maintenance process.

In addition, the SACMA GROUP network has been implemented in hiring new technicians in 2018 for USA, Turkey, Poland and China. It is clear that the main objective for SACMA GROUP is to contribute to the success of its customers in exporting the Made In Italy. For this purpose, above all, SACMA GROUP listen carefully to all customer’s requests thanks to its technicians located everywhere in the world speaking the local language.  The know-how and experience of the engineering staff is at the service of all customers to find the most appropriate solution to their needs.

SACMA GROUP speaks the languages and is present in every time zone with a World wide support network of Service and Technology Centers which the customers can contact at any time of the day. For sure, the SACMA “Made In Italy” is the guarantee of continued productivity and success for all its customers.

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