SP370-CRM & RP420-LM

SP370-CRM & RP420-LM



  • S-Feed wire feeder driven by servomotor (patented) 
  • New Quick Change Tool system 
  • Electronic handwheel for slow motion jog 
  • Motorized adjustments 
  • Transfer support assistance package 
  • SC800 - Transfer part presence control 
  • TR – Thermoregulation system 
  • WF300°C Package for special materials 
  • Industry 4.0 Ready 
  • Exclusive design and reinforced iron casting bed frame
  • TR5/W30 die length to form special and complex shapes
  • Drive unit with planetary gear box
  • Single starter unit driven by torque motor
  • Self-learning & Fully motorized adjustments
  • Motorized die match adjustment for easy and quick setup
  • Slide body with hydrostatic guide system
  • Quick diameter changeover system
  • WF Forming Package

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