Design & Manufacturing


This is the heart and project centre of SACMA. This is where, to-gether with the planning department, the company’s great daily challenges begin.
Knowing how to go further is the mission of 23 dedicated specialists who come up with ideas to design machines and components based on the customer’s individual specific needs: from engineering to production, including all manufacturing programmes.
There is also full-scale innovation towards research for new production solutions that are today rewarded with important acknowledgements.

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Starting from the 1960s, SACMA was the first to use numerical controlled machines in manufacturing. The company is proud of its many flexible machining lines and even though supplying product in small volumes to a niche market, it utilizes highly productive machining centers. The timing of the production cycle is well defined and reflects a manufacturing process over a two year period for each new model machine, whose mechanical parts are fully produced in house.

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The storage warehouse, a crucial point, to which many important investments are dedicated, proves to be a strategic infrastructure, such as the newly built hall.

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The many different models produced and the large number of individual components compel SACMA to keep in stock high quality products utilizing the best standards of efficiency and logistics. Proper management capacity and quickness in response to serve the customer: these are the key words for good warehouse operation.

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Quality means reliability. Quality is the winning idea, the perfect manufacture, the proper assembly. For each component, SACMA checks compliance to the strictest quality regulations, applying severe standards to each production procedure.

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Quality is a way of thinking and organizing work spaces, production processes, materials, machines, and services. Quality is SACMA’s competitiveness in the world’s industrialized areas.

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