Design & Manufacturing


Mechanical design engineers and technicians specialized in advanced technologies of three-dimensional CAD, develop new machines, new tooling solutions and customized thread rolling systems. Here they prepare the instruction manuals and all of the technical documentation necessary for production. INGRAMATIC’s development as an industrial company for production of thread rolling machines in series was achieved mainly due to the professional expertise of its design engineers.

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The production of machines in series cannot be effective without a proper inventory warehouse. The warehouse is structured to hold more than 700 pallets for automatic picking and 2000 boxes for manual picking. This guarantees the availability of all the components necessary for the assembly program and for the supply of spare parts for after sale service. A computerized stock control system allows for best efficiency and quick delivery service, thanks to a rational inventory system.

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Quality is our first priority: our testing division is fully equipped with instruments and equipment to carry out the geometrical and quality inspection of all components before stocking in the main warehouse.

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Each component is subject to a rigid testing procedure and is marked accordingly in order to guarantee quality and interchangeability.

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