SACMA founded in 1939, began to design and manufacture cold forging machines just before the world war. The increasing development and substantial growth have brought the name of SACMA to be well known by the world manufacturers of fasteners and special parts. Every day more than 7000 SACMA machines are operative throughout the world, in hundreds of factories, transforming thousands of tons into high quality fasteners and special parts, used in many different industrial applications.

For the industry that mass produces consumable items, like fasteners, the advantage of cold forging is an inevitable consequence for reasons of high strength, tight tolerances, reduction of waste material, competitiveness and productivity.

Within the strategy of supplying machines of the highest technology levels, SACMA continues to improve and develop new model progressive cold and warm formers and, combined bolt makers, supplying them to the ever growing market of net-shape parts.

End users have a high appreciation of SACMA machines, and consider them to be well designed, well manufactured, powerful, generous in making special parts, flexible for making long or short parts, fast, reliable and generating low cost production. In order to assist all its Customers around the world, SACMA, has developed worldwide efficient service centres able to supply any spare part in a very short time to keep customers always running and making parts.

With the Teaser Sacma, we would like to give you a clear picture of what are the Winning Technologies® that making SACMA so famous and successful in the world.




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