Established in 1939 as written in Italian “SOCIETÀ ANONIMA COSTRUZIONE MACCHINE AUTOMATICHE”, Sacma Limbiate Spa began to design and manufacture cold forging machines just before the world war.

The increasing development and substantial growth have brought the name of SACMA to be well known by the world manufacturers of fasteners and special parts. Every day more than 7000 SACMA machines are operative throughout the world, in hundreds of factories, transforming thousands of tons into high quality fasteners and special parts, used in many different industrial applications.

2019 is an important year for SACMA: its 80 Years Anniversary. On the occasion of this major event, SACMA takes the opportunity to introduce its new logo - the first emblematic change in 80 years - an identity designed for all the companies of our group. We always consider extremely important to preserve our corporate identity all over the world.

The unbreakable synergy between SACMA and INGRAMATIC generated a machine production with high tech solutions as direct drive motors, new generation of PLC, new touch screen panel, introduction of Industry 4.0 criteria and, inspired us to update our logo to this new business model. The “red shape” symbolizes the slide body of SACMA header and the frame of INGRAMATIC thread rolling machine. The red color is representing the color of our iron casting bed frames common for Sacma and Ingramatic. This unique connection between our two brands makes our logo easy to recognize and remember.

End users highly appreciate SACMA and INGRAMATIC machines. They consider them to be well designed and manufactured, powerful, fast, reliable, with lowest production costs and newest state-of-the-art technology implementation.

To assist all its Customers around the world, SACMA, has developed efficient service centers worldwide able to supply any spare part in a very short time and to allow Customers always running and making parts.

In the next few months, Sacma Group will update its corporate identity on its web site, in its representative offices and branches, its company cars and media image all over the world.

We wish you a happy and successful 2019.

Sacma Group.


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