Sacma Group will be attending Fastener Fair Global 2023 from 21 to 23 March 2023 in Stuttgart, booth 774 / Hall1. The leitmotiv of Sacma Group is to innovate steadily and provide the most reliable range of machines making the customers more competitive in a continuously evolving market.

As usual Sacma Group will welcome all the actors of the fastener world in its always appreciated booth for an unique exhibition dedicated to its four brands Sacma, Ingramatic, HS Aspe and Tecno Lift.

Sacma, designer and manufacturer of cold and warm forming machines, will introduce the new generation of wire feeder driven by torque motors named “S-Feed 2.0” and new features for large parts formers sizes 4, 5 and 6 which will be available within 2023. These features have been designed to extend the limit of the standard warm and cold forming machines. Sacma will also introduce its new App. Industry 4.0 which has been implemented with different levels to fit better the needs of the customers according to their ERP system and production organization. Three packages are now available : Industria 4.0 BASIC, ADVANCED and FULL ADVANCED.

The Ingramatic division will give a better understanding about the undisputable capacity to design modular machines, with the introduction of two new modular units which can be integrated into the machines: the assembly unit for bushing and ferrules, and the rotary thread rolling station for multi shape parts. The rotary thread rolling station is already available with three different sizes : RR12, RR16 and RR20 having respectively the maximum capacity for rolling M12, M16 and M20.

The brand HS ASPE is the division of the group providing secondary operation machines to run pre-formed parts with a range of technologies which is consisting of tapping machines, combined machines, transfer machines and multi spindle turning machines. HS ASPE will show the new generation of automatic tapping machine model T10-S running parts up to M10. The T10-S is based on the reversible spindle architecture, mechanically driven by lead screws. Internal threads, within the range M2 to M10 can be executed with standard taps in both technologies, cutting and forming. Precision in operation is achieved by means of the structural rigidity of the frame and the very fine design and engineering of the positioning/clamping devices. Orthogonality and concentricity as well as the other dimensional/geometrical features, are so lifelong guaranteed.

Tecno Lift is the company of the group in charge of the design and the manufacturing of all ancillaries for the Sacma Group machines to load, feed and convey parts. The demo machine will be equipped with Tecno Lift solutions which are available for other application or existing machines already installed to the customers.

Sacma Group staff will be pleased to welcome visitors at Fastener Fair Global 2023, Booth 774 / Hall 1, to show and explain better all the new technologies and the capacity to support all the customers around the world.

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