Ingramatic: Increasing capabilities

Ingramatic: Increasing capabilities


In addition to recently introducing a new machine frame base - that will enable it to continue to provide a first class product - Ingramatic SpA is also looking to increase its in-house manufacturing capabilities to ultimately become a completely autonomous company.

Originally founded in 1966, Ingramatic was acquired in 2004 by SACMA Group to complete the Group’s range of machinery – adding thread rolling services to the existing cold and warm forming capabilities. The first step the Group took was to build and move Ingramatic to a new assembly facility – located in Castelnuovo Scrivia - which enabled SACMA to focus on its logistics, organisation and efficiency of production with its Modular System strategy.

Since then Ingramatic has been constantly working on creating a full range of new machines, offering the latest technology, which can be produced in a streamlined process. The company’s re-designed threading machines focus on high-technology systems rather than the previous mechanical operations. The machines are higher quality and more reliable, resulting in better quality final products. A big advantage of the re-design is that the components for the machine can all be made within SACMA Group – guaranteeing better quality. Now Ingramatic is in the perfect position to continue to grow, offering its newly designed frames in a vivid red to signify the Group – replacing the previous green frames.

To improve the efficiency of the assembly division Ingramatic also adopted a similar assemble process to its parent company – using a modular system involving different sized frames. The only difference is the Ingramatic machines are smaller – making it faster to create the machine, meaning more can be produced. At any one time the assembly division can have up to 25 machines being built for customers all around the world – including the USA, Russia, France, Japan, the Czech Republic and Turkey.

Ingramatic is always looking to internalise processes where possible to help improve its assembly division and make the building of its machines as efficient as possible. That is why it has started its own manufacturing division using Mazak machines to produce specific parts. There are also plans for two additional machines by the end of October, which will see the company’s manufacturing capability increase to 25%.

The aim within the next five years is for Ingramatic to have its own production department producing 100% of parts. For this to happen the company has a future project to expand the facility, and the land for any future extension has already been acquired. The ultimate aim is to make the business a completely automatous company, with everything done in-house.

An essential part of Ingramatic business is its R&D department, which is able to work on future machines to be introduced - using the latest 3D CAD and FEM softwares – as well as customising machines to customers’ individual demands. For instance, the company is planning on introducing the new RP120 and RP220, which are the smaller machines with a new starter unit – with a Torque motor. In addition, the company has already introduced the CNC warm thread rolling machine model RP420-WF30 with its ability to deform exotic materials. There is also the new Waterbury 50 – CNC RP720-R1 with a washer assembly unit and with a very large capacity for engine bolts.

An important factor in all this new machinery is for Ingramatic to always be one step ahead of the competitors and to make sure the machines work perfectly – offering a good combination between robustness and very high technology. Being part of the SACMA Group means Ingramatic has also adopted the same rigorous high standards and requirements, which enables it to guarantee quality machinery and service. Firstly it has 100% spare parts available immediately - something the company reports is unique within the industry for making threading rolling machinery.

            Ingramatic believes the market for thread rolling machines is very open as customers are now focusing on the importance of threading operations as part of the overall process. For many years the customers concentrated on the headers and the strategic possibilities. Now customers are looking for new threading machines that are stronger and offer more possibilities.

            To meet the needs of the market the aim at Ingramatic is be present everywhere and to be a leader in the market with the very best technology. Whilst price margins are tight Ingramatic states that it is a big market and there is demand.

            Due to a good organisation and structure to the production process, as well as the investment in time, machinery and materials, the company is confident about the future and the full range of machines it is able to supply.



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