SACMA will introduce the new SP59-C and SP59 Combined Headers models for large fasteners up to M24. Like the all Sacma Combined Headers, these new models provide the best solution for high productivity requirements, consolidation of production methods, floor space usage and work flow in a fastener manufacturing environment by having the forging, pointing and thread rolling all in one machine. Sacma Combined Headers provides maximum efficiency and part quality in the manufacturing process of standard fasteners and special automotive fasteners by producing the finished product.
Featuring all the mechanical and performance qualities of the Progressive Headers, SACMA Combined Headers offer the ability to make the quick production changeovers and the versatility to make net shape parts in addition to bolts and screws. This demonstrates Sacma’s innovative real modular system making the well-earned reputation of versatility, quality, precision, reliability and longevity the best value for the investment made by the customer. The large number of combined headers installed worldwide is the best demonstration of these very successful high-performance machines.

For the large components production, Sacma has extended the building dedicated to the assembly of the new SP670-A(L/S), the 6die large cold forming headers, designed to produce hollow and solid special parts for the most different industries. These machines is unique for its performance and equipment. The 650 tons are available in order to form large components normally manufactured by vertical presses or other traditional technologies with a longer production process. The header is equipped with a system to feed the heading station with blanks or to re-feed pre-formed parts in the required station. The machine is entirely equipped with automatic adjustments and quick tool change system driven by robotized manipulator.

This SACMA series 6, not only represents the “excellence“ of the Sacma technology, but is also considered the world benchmark for large size cold formers. These large 6die cold formers are available in the shorter “AS” version (DKO 160 mm) and the longer “AL” version (DKO 240 mm), proposing very interesting innovative concepts with respect to ergonomics, safety and flexibility for production of very short and long components . As per all the Sacma Group machines, the SP670 is Industry 4.0 ready.
SACMA will reveal once again the brand new S-Transfer precision system with torque motors driven fingers and servomotor driven lateral movement allowing a very quick and easy transfer timing set up directly from the touch panel for its future generation of medium and large progressive headers.

INGRAMATIC, the designer and manufacturer of profile and thread rolling machines for the Sacma Group, continues to expand technology with its well know “I-Thread line”. In 2019, Ingramatic is introducing another world premiere. The large profile rolling and threading machine model RP920 (W70/TR9). The very last entry for the production of very large and heavy fasteners, the RP920 has a unique bed frame design integrating the reaction block and the patented double starter unit. The machine is equipped with the new cabin design and all the I-Thread features making the machine even the most advanced and precise large thread rolling machine in the world consisting in : exclusive design and reinforced bed frame, self-learning & fully motorized adjustments, double starter unit driven by servomotors, new SC-Matic panel, drive unit with planetary gear box, motorized die match adjustment, slide body with hydrostatic guide system and quick diameter changeover system.

During the exhibition, Ingramatic will show its revolutionary Micro-Threader inspired by the I-Thread concept, the model RP020, W00/W000 die sizes, for the high-speed production and very precise miniature screws. The machine is equipped with the latest technologies available as an innovative tool holder, an introduction system driven by a torque motor for an ultra-precise introduction of the miniature blanks into the dies. Combined to this exclusive features, the machine is equipped with a slide body running on linear guides (with ball circulation skates) in order to ensure high accuracy for rolling operation. The drive transmission of the RP020 is made by an innovative double helical drive belt connecting the Brushless main motor with an absolute master encoder. This new type of drive with double helical belt favors higher torque and precision.

The machine is equipped with the same advanced functions of the I-Thread machines, like the appreciated self-learning adjustments of the starter unit. The introducer stroke can be adjusted by the operator panel or by means of the electronic handwheel, so technicians don’t need to make any manual adjustment with service wrenches, ensuring speed and accuracy of measure change. To guaranty durability and precision, the frame is made of spheroidal cast iron and the SC-Matic interface ensure the management of the motorized adjustments.

The dynamism and very fast implementing of new technology in the threading field makes INGRAMATIC the leading manufacturer of high performance machines with a full range of machines available according a modular system to run parts from M1 to M36.

SACMA GROUP personnel will be pleased to welcome visitors at Fastener Fair Stuttgart, Hall 1, Stand 774 at Messe Stuttgart, to show and explain all the technologies below and its capacity to support the customers.

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